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In 1992 I released the first and only edition of a cataloge with the name " Norway Rocks ". That was a catalogue where i wrote and tip people about rare Norwegian Band / artist`s. I must say that I was a little surprised how many requiries I received after that.Thanks to everybody who wrote me.So instead of concentrating on a second edition I will try to go one step further and get everything on the net.. My website will be a site where I will write about the more unknown melodic hardrock band`s /artist`s from Norway. Band`s and artist`s that you may not be familiar with.

So instead of band`s / artist`s like Da Vinci, Return,Tnt ,and Stage Dolls,you will be able to read about band`s like Artch, Disiples of love, Heaven, Lions Pride, Oslo, Skorgan, Mia .. For what I know, this may be the first time many of these artists get any attention at all. After all I think they deserve that attention. So if you have any questions about my website, the band`s & artist`s or have knowledge of rare / unknown melodic, hardrock from Norway, please mail me. If there are any band`s and artist`s out there who are into the melodic side of  hardrock and have demos , Don`t  hesitate - there's many of us waiting to hear you music!!! mail me, and i'll see what i can do for you...!!!  


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