Hamar Mart'n - August 24, 2004

This man, Åge Aleksandersen is Norway's answer to Bruce Springsteen. A well known national entertainer for around 30 years with many top hits that have made him famous here in Norway. This tuseday evening he took his guitar and band, Sambandet, to my hometown during this year's amusement park.

He startet the evening calm and slowly with the classic "Lys Og Varme" (Light And Heat). I had expected a rocking start, but with such a classic opening tune it doesn't matter. From here we got a journey through Åge's carréer very changing between rockers and ballads. Great performed by the steady and tight band that featured no other than former TNT bassist Morty Black and former Stage Dolls drummer Steinar Krokstad. Åge's vocals is still great thinking of his age (50+).

With a huge sense of humour and creativity in having fun on stage we got a well entertained visually. "Min Dag" (My Day) was quite fun to watch when the band was kidding around on the stage while only Åge played the guitar. Saxophonist Bjørn Røstad is a great entertainer dancing around with his sax, but also a great singer which he proved by singing the lead vocals on "Blue Moon".

It was a short set due to the amusement park, only 70 minutes. But all in all it was a great evening even though I missed some songs. The sound was good all through the set and the audience seemed to be satisfied. It's true in saying that the old ones are the best... :-)

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1. Lys Og Varme
2. Norge Mitt Norge
3. Hold Kjeft Spis Is
4. Dekksgutten
5. Hvis Du Rekke Ut Ei Hand
6. Dains Me Dæ
7. Min Dag
8. 4 Pils Og En Pizza
9. Hold Fast
10. Blue Moon
11. Rio De Janeiro
12. Suttekluten
13. Levva Livet / Twist & Shout


Aage Aleksandersen - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Gunnar Pedersen - Guitar & Vocals
Andreas Aase - Guitar, Steel-Guitar & Vocals
Morty Black - Bass & Vocals
Terje Traneås - Organ, Synth & Accordian
Bjørn Røstad - Saxophone
Steinar Krogstad - Drums & Vocals

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