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Byscenen, Haugesund 9.4.05

Byscenen, Haugesund - April 9, 2005

The band Bastard was the main attraction this night while Huldra have started it all. I don't know if Bastard is well-known or not as the band is totally unknown to me. But judging by seeing the few public witness' the band do have their fanbase as I both saw and heard quite a few voices during Bastad's songs. The band sounds like a mix of fellow norwegian acts Ingenting, Mods and Vestlandsfanden. With the norwegian lyrics this is all about beer, women and balony.

The band sounds very good at times, but drags it downward ad nauseam. This is quite sad as I see good potential in the band. Clever musicians and great show, but this gets too banal. Its simply too much and ridiculous for those of us that don't know the band and their music.

I sat down and listened to the bands 3 albums as well as watching the DVD that I got from the band that night (thanks). I hear many good melody lines, but a good potion of fillers. Their latest album 'Hånd I Hånd' ('Hand In Hand') which was recorded back in '99 is many steps in the right direction. I would like these guys delivering a brand new album now with more serious english lyrics in good old 80's poodle-rock style the band swears to. But to my poor knowledge the fact may be that what they do is actually what they like doing, straight rock 'n roll with simple norwegian lyrics. And now I won't care that much more about that. While that's said the band is much better on stage than on the records.

Review by Terje Høiland
Translated by Per Erik Jansen

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