Carnivora Releaseparty Rock In 25/4 - 04

Carnivora’s releaseparty kicked off with what I feel is their best song to date; “I’m the light”, so it was a hell of an opening, on a hell of show with a hell of a song! A song that has it all as it is melodic, it’s got a crunchy and “fat” riff, great arrangement and musical performance so its definately a Rocker of the best sort.

Mr. Moren was at his peak this night performancewise, and having seen the man at least a dozen times or so, I can honestly say I have never seen him wear a bigger smile on stage than he did this night. I believe I have said it all about Tore in the Judas album review. Since Hellhammer was on tour with Mayhem the band had a stand-in on drums but I can do nothing else than acknowledge Truls Haugen (Circus Maximus) on his performance as he mastered it all quite nicely. Rune Torsteinsen was another new face in the lineup this evening at Carnivora’s first gig, fullfilling the secondguitar duties with ease. Bjarne Torud pumped out his bassnotes in the exact way we would want him too, and proved to be quite a showman on stage as well. Michael Eriksen is one man I can guarantee that we will hear a lot about in the future! I was very pleased with his performance on the Carnivora-album Judas, so I was full of anticipation to check out what he was like live. Not that there ever was any real doubts, but this man absolutely exceeds all my expectations. “Frekkin’ ” tremendous! 

It really came as no surprise that these songs sounds even more brutal live as most bands tend to do that, but this certainly brought more to the picture. Even more in your face than on record, without losing their melodic nerve and I honestly think that this is the sound that the band should aim for on the next record. I’m also glad to say that some of the songs that I’m not too happy with on the record like: “Don’t make me laugh” and “Galaxy within” work’s far better in a livesetting. As “State of fear and hate” blasted out of the PA we’ve got tonight’s guest vocalist Nils K. Rue from Pagan’s Mind. He also guested on the same track on the album helping his Ozzmosis (Ozzy Coversband) bandmates (Bjarne and Tore), with a stunning performance and there’s certainly no questioning this man’s stagepresence!!! Before Nils left the stage returing the microphone to Michael, the band graced us with a version of the Saxon classic “Princess of the night”. A very unorthodox choice really, but it’s absolutely a great tune that definately brought no shame to Carnivora’s own material. On the setlist this night was also a version of the Jorn song “Abyss of evil” which Tore wrote together with Jorn for the latter one’s first soloalbum “Starfire”, but it wasn’t included this night unfortunately. I for one would have liked to have heard Carnivora’s version of this tune as it is most complimentary the bands style and sound, and to have heard how this song would have sounded in a livesetting, with a different band and singer could have proved to be interresting. But there will be other times and opportunities I guess...!?!
Let’s hope the lineup stabilizes so that the Metalworld can be laid at their feet. 
So if Heavy Metal no hold barred is up your street, go see Carnivora as this is a raw liveact to look out for. And even if some of the material they have recorded to disc so far is better suited for gigs than on Cd I really see no reason why you shouldn’t check ‘em out!!! 

Setlist, highlights marked with * : 

I’m the light *
Where innocence end
Don’t make me laugh
The Galaxy within
Judas *
Soaring on *
State of fear and hate
Princess of the night
Staring into darkness *
The Masters and their slaves *

Photos and picture by Roar Kleven