With Sid Ringsby & Steinar Krogstad

Live at Sirius, Dokka, Norway, Friday May 9, 2003

After 4 years of touring Norway with Trond Řien playing acoustic shows, Dag Ingebrigtsen now
makes it more band oriented. Trond is no longer part in this. Along with Dag and his acoustic
guitar is former Tindrum band-mates Sid Ringsby on bass and Diesel Dahl on drums. But this night
Diesel wasn't able to play with Dag, so ex-Stage Dolls drummer Steinar Krokstad filled in.

For those who saw Dag's show with Trond knew what's this is about. It's basically the same stuff
from The Kids, TNT and Tindrum. But it's in my opinion better now having the bass and drums to
thicken the sound. Sid and Steinar did that job very well. The whole performance was very good,
and it made the audience rock and sing along.

What we need from Dag now, is a full melodic rock band with distorted guitars, rumbling bass and
thundering drums. You now I told you Dag.........


Review and photos by Per Erik Jansen