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Tribute, Sandnes 8.4.05

It's been a few years since Bryne was on the map it was now time for Dag Ingebrigtsen again. This time with a new band called The Dynamite Kids, which consists of Dag Ingebrigtsen (ex TNT, Tindrum, The Kids, Subway Sucks) on guitar and vocals, Erik Eriksen (The Scarecrows) on bass and Mick (Magne) Morken (The Scarecrows, Jailbait) on drums.

During the soundcheck Dag bumped around in the public hall with crutches (he thought of taking an Ozzy-twist this night). But fortunately it wasn't anything serious, just an overloading of the feet. But he wanted to take it easy in front of the show.

This night the band gave a blistering show with songs from TNT ("Eddie", "Seven Seas"), Tindrum ("Drums Of War") and The Kids ("I'm In Love With The Teacher") as well as a couple of new songs. I got the chance to hear those new songs after the show and it sounded promising. For those of you who like classic TNT, Wig Wam and Sha-Boom have something to look foreward to.

I will say that Dag Ingebrigtsen sounds better with an electric band backing him up, it gives the over-all sound more power. But I miss Dag with an electric guitar instead of an acoustic guitar. But I was told after the show that there are plans for doing something with this.

I could have wrote more detailed about each song performed this night, but I really don't see the reason. This show was for me and the about 100 people who had taken their time to come (next time I will see more people at Tribute) a nostalgic and memorable evening with a great mood and good sing-a-long.

Tracklist :

Forelska i lærer`n
Drums of war
På tryne i Trondheim
Seven seas
Wild wild night (new)
I was made for rock`n roll
The show must go on
En liten pike
I love to love
Harley Davidson
Værra me mæ hjem

Wild wild night, ( Extra )

Review by Terje Høiland
Translated by Per Erik Jansen

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