>> FIREFEST 3 <<

Nottingham, England 28 Oktober 2006


After attending 5 Gods of aor festival, 4 in a row in Wigan and 1 in Bradford it was now time for my first FIREFEST show. Started with the preparty show on friday.

The evening turn out great with good atmosphere, lots of conversations and not but least good music to listen too. There was four band heading this day. ALIBI, BAD HABIT, BOMBAY BLACK and NEWMAN. All okey band to listen too but not my faves, exception that day came with the excellent Swedish band BAD HABIT who though it was an accoustic set really rocked. I wouldn`t think about how great they could have been with a full electric show?

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The band who had the pleasure to open the FIREFEST 3 on Saturday was the Spanish band NEXX who hit the stage at 12.30 am. The show turned out nicely and was filmed for a DVD release. The venue was packed allready then.

Next out was TREAT from Sweden who I only saw a glimse of at Sweden Rock festival this year, due to a very packed tent. The band deliver a fantastic set, tight and cathy as hell. The voice of Robban Ernlund was in top form, with a set who included almost all of their fave songs from their heydays and with a top sound it couldn`t go wrong. One of my fave act this day. (Filmed for a Dvd release)

Then it was time for the Norwegian aor glam rockers WIG WAM, and I have to say that after watching the band several times now they kicked ass in Nottingham.They simply lifted the roof of the place, the audience sang with them from the first song to the last. I have Never seen a crowd that pleased after a concert for years, I could really see the smile on their faces. OUTSTANDING performance. (Filmed for a Dvd release)

To go on stage after a band that had allready stolen the day is not easy but FAIR WARNING was the next band out and to be honest they look like they have seen a ghost, except from frontman Tommy Heart who tried to get the crowd back in front of the stage, the rest of the band just stood there not really knowing what to do.
But after awhile the things was back to normal again and in the end FAIR WARNING delivered a great set.

With BONFIRE I only managed to see the 3 last songs as my stomach was screaming for food. But judging by what I saw and heard when I was back they sounded great.(Filmed for a Dvd release)

Then it was time for another fave act of mine this day in form of the band GOTTHARD from Switzerland. With a great concert from Sweden rock festival in mind I was really looking forward to their set and yes I wasn't let down. It was a pleasure to watch the band and the way they got the audience in their hands, much becouse of Steve Lee who is one of the best frontmen out there. The way he moves around on stage he remind me lot of a certain mr David Coverdale.

To ending the whole evening was WINGER, but due to some technical difficulties through out the set it ending up to sounding more like a rehearsel than a concert.Kip looked thoroughly pissed off from the start, which affected the whole performance and let the crowd down. Also the choice of songs didn`t do it for me. Disappointed.

To sum it all up a BIG thanks to all involved in this great enjoyable festival. I really appreciate what they do for this scene. I met and talk to lot of nice people over there, and could have written down a full list of names but i won`t couse you all know who you are. It was a fantastic weekend, with great bands, in particular Treat, Wigwam and Gotthard.

Review : Terje Hoiland
Photos : Terje Hoiland & Per Erik Jansen

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