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GLOW - Live at Trangt, Gjøvik, Norway thursday April 17th, 2003

GLOW is a norwegian quartet with members from Oceans Apart (guitarist Jan Gisle Ytterdal and keybardist Dag Veidal) and Blind Orphans (vocalist/bassist Sven Kaare Sunde and drummer Torbjørn Dybsand). To this date they have recorded 2 full-lenght demo CD's, and this night was set to promote their recent 2nd demo.

The opened the gig with the opener of the 2nd demo, "Push", which is a uptempo rock 'n' roll song. It really gave a kicking start. Throughout the gig they varied from and back with the rockier and the slower songs. With mainly songs from their latest demo, which have mostly slower and laidback songs, it sounded roughier and harder that on the demo. To give a hint on the band's style, they sounds much like 70's symphonic pomp rock. Not really AOR or pure hard rock, but a mix of pomp rock and rock 'n' roll.

Their performance this night was what I will call a perfect energic rock 'n' roll gig. A few small faults wasn't noticable. Sven Kaare's voice was really good and very powerful. Fullfilling with Torbjørn's thunder-drumming and Jan Gisle's crunchy, heavy and loud(er and louder) guitar, the sound of real rock 'n' roll band was safe. Dag's keyboards was a bit too low at the heavier parts, but at the smoother parts you got the sound of what a pomp rock band should sound like. The arrangements of the songs was fantastic and it could've only be topped by adding a symphonic orchestra.

I'd wish they'd play more songs from their first demo though (they only played "King Of Nothing" and "Come Tomorrow"). But hopefully they will do more from the first demo in the future. If you get a chance to see this band live sometime, I will highly recommend you to be there!

Review & Pictures by Per Erik Jansen