Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway - Saturday February 11, 2006

Kamelot finally entered the stage in Norway for the first time as the closing gig for “The Black Halo World Tour 2005/2006” nearly ten years after Norwegian singer Roy Khan joined the band. Some things take time. But this night was going to be a special happening as the concert was being filmed (I counted 13 cameras) for an upcoming DVD.

This concert was in my opinion excellent. I haven’t seen any better metal-concert than this thinking of the performance. Khan may be the one of the best metal-singers of today. You can do a lot of mixing and trixing in the studio, but Khan also proved that he manage to reflect his ability in a live setting. I will also give drummer Casey Grillo an honor for his excellent work on the drums.

But as always there’s some technical problems, but when one of the female guest singers’ got to sing her line during “Nights Of Arabia” it’s an idea to turn on the microphone. It was also a little strange that the sound engineer needed as much as 4-5 songs to get the right sound out of the PA.

What’s lifted the entire show was the many guest musicians to take part in the set. One of them was the female vocalist from the opening act Epica (which server us a boring gig to me). Also famous power metal producer Sascha Paeth turned up on the stage playing extra guitar on “Moonlight” and Snowy Shaw (drummer of Dream Evil) appeared as Mephisto. And I will not forget to mention the excellent light-show during the entire gig.

The result of this concert will be released on DVD later this year, so if you wasn’t there you’ll get the chance to see what you missed. Kamelot gave me the best concert experience this year so far.

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Photos & Reviews by Per Erik Jansen