It's friday night and it's time to take the a 15 minutes trip to Stange to see ex-Return drummer Øyvind Håkonsen's new cover-band. After a few small troubles with the car, I finally arrived.

The pub where it was set to happen wasn't that large, but with an audience of about 100 people was enough to make an atmosphere. The band entered the stage around a quarter past 11. With a kick-start with Thin Lizzy's "Don't Believe A Word"" it seemed to be a great night of classic hard rock tunes. I must admit that the show was only average this night. Some faults now and then are acceptable, but it seemed like the band in some ways wasn't in the right mood this night.

Nothing wrong about the songs they performed. Classics like "Holy Diver" and "Stand Up And Shout" by Dio, "Fool For Your Loving" (Whitesnake), "Crazy Train" (Ozzy), "Jailbreak" and "Cold Sweat" by Thin Lizzy usually don't fail, and it didn't this time either. A few unusual songs were performed this night including "Voodoo" by Black Sabbath. Also a few AC/DC tunes took the audience to higher points.

Overall, I think it was a good show, but it could've been even better (or worse). Let's hope
their upcoming CD will grab some attention when it comes out in mid November.

Per Erik Jansen