>> RAIN <<

Smuget, Oslo Friday March 13th 2003

It was time for Rain to play more gigs. This band should've done way more live-preformances than they're doing. So I had to catch up for this gig, it felt like forever since last time. So I picked up my friend and fellow Rock Of Norway-partner Roar to head to Smuget (okay Tore, we also picked you up so you reach your gig in time).

Like before at Smuget they played 3 sets of approx. 45 minutes each. They started with "No Such Thing" and "Talking To My Heart" before they tuned in for a cover of Jaded Heart's "Lucky Son". So far they sounded great and the sound was quite good. After "Can I Say If" we got another cover song in Whitesnake's "Fool For Your Loving". I have to say that Michael is no Coverdale here, but he's doing a good job anyway. A few more songs from their debut CD they ended the first set with their (or more correctly Jaded Heart's) version of "Larger Than Life".

After the break they continued with the "Bad For Everything" and "Anyway The Wind Blows", both rockers. Then a 'relax' in "Everytime You Go" came before they kicked into their most Bon Jovi-like catchy "Bring It On". The audience seemed to have a good time by now. A few more off their CD came, a repeat of Jaded Heart's "Lucky Son" before ending the second set with Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name", a song that really caught attention to the audience which had been a litte too calm earlier. Now while the audience had been brought off their chairs, the band took a new break...

To continue where they left they kicked off their final set with Bon Jovi's "It's My Life", a sure winner. After "Talking To My Heart" they repeated some songs from previous that night for
those who didn't got their butts to Smuget earlier. Now the audience was even more lively (do people have to get a few drinks inside to "get wild"?). "Ain't Found Heaven Yet" followed and then another Bon Jovi song melted the audience in "Never Say Goodbye". To end the whole night they repeated "Larger Than Life".

The sound was pretty good all through the night and the performance was very good. Tore's guitar solos is maybe too shredding and heavy to the rest of the songs and melodies, but Tore is the king of his guitar and he knows how to treat it. But I would like to see Lars more active on stage, he's too still. Lars, you're playing rock 'n' roll here dude...

Smuget is a place which appeal to many kinds of people whether it's the music or the mood. The clientele spreads from early 20 to 40+ and it works great. And Rain's AOR/rock 'n' roll music fits like hand in glove for Smuget. Let's hope to see Rain more on the road soon. They've got the right music for everyone and they're doing it great on stage, at least they did so again this time and it's not just causual...!

Review And Photos By Per Erik Jansen