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Finally On Stage !

Rain have finally been ready to enter the stage together for a full gig. After 4 years of writing songs and recording demos, some lucky people got to see the band performing their first full gig at Doc's, Gjovik, Norway on Friday the 7th of December. The band did a small appearance last year right before christmas where they performed two songs, so this time it wasn't actually their first live performance.

Well, the time was up to take the trip to Gjovik and see the guys. The number of people in the audience could have been larger, but it was ok. The band entered the stage and opened the show with "Bad For Everything (But Makin' Luv)" and "Anyway The Wind Blows", two great rocking tunes. It sounded like the band had been on the road for a while as the performance was tight and swinging. The crowd was very calm in the beginning because very few had possibly never heard the songs before, but they woke up when the band started playing a cover of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" as the forth song this night. At this point, the sound out to crowd was kind of wierd. It seemed like the bottom fell out, and it lasted through a handful of songs
After another few of their own songs, "Everytime You Go" which was my favorite ballad this night, which was also performed absolutely fantastic, and "Can I Say If", the band was ready with another cover-song, this time it was Whitesnake's "Fool For Your Loving". They played it as a mix of the two versions Whitesnake did, and it sounded great. Then, it was time for own songs again, "Talkin' To My Heart", "Ain't Found Heaven Yet" and "Bring It On". The last mentioned could have been a new Bon Jovi song, but it's not. "Bring It On" is probably the best song Rain have done so far, with a cathchy chorus that you sing along with at once.
Now followed by more own songs like "Talkin' To An Angel", "Sentimental Sunday" and "Make A Break". These songs could also have been penned by Jon Bon Jovi, but it's still Rain's originals. As you might think now is that Rain sounds very much like Bon Jovi, and I have to say... yes, they sounds very inspired by Bon Jovi. And I must say that I prefer Rain's music instead of the latest from Bon Jovi. If Bon Jovi have had a heir to the throne, it must have been Rain. No doubt about it. 
  "Miss Myself" was the next song out, and it was definately not one of my favorites from the demos, but since the recording of the demo some years ago till now, the song have been rocked up even more and been made more lively. This was a surprise for me, as I think this song is way better now. 
  The band was about to finnish their first full concert with "The Best Is Yet To Come", another great ballad, but ended up rocking the night out with a blowing version of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name". The crowd was right there when Michael shouted "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame...". This was the last song this night and ended it all. My opinion was a well worhty night seeing the band played thier debut concert. Great performed by great musicians and a great singer. After the show I was told that the band had only got ONE rehersal together with Michael before this gig, and I thought "how great will this band be in the future when they was so good now?". The answer was to come the next weekend when the band was going to play in Oslo

The Next Weekend : Smuget.Oslo
One week had gone and it was time to see Rain live once again at Smuget in Oslo (still in Norway). The band was playing at this place two days, Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th. This time the concert was parted in 3 sets, running for about 45 minutes each. I arrived late this Friday, so I was inside during the 2nd set. After a few songs I realized that the band was even better now than the weekend before. They have had more rehearsals with Michael during the week, and it gave positive results (I wouldn't expect anything else). Also a few other cover songs had been added for these gigs this weekend, Whitesnake's "Crying In The Rain" and couple Bon Jovi's; "Keep The Faith" and "Never Say Goodbye". 

As for the crowd this time, the place was filled up, both with those who had come to see the band and those who regulary visit this place (Smuget is a popular place for all kind of people at the weekends). So the response seemed to be diverse, but overall it was good to great the was I saw it. Also this time it was the cover songs who got the best response from the crowd. And since Rain's CD wasn't released at this point (release is set to about mid January, 2002), it's understandable as most people wasn't able to hear it before going to the concert. 

On Saturday, the first set included a step-in for Tore, as Tore was playing another gig right before he was going to play with Rain. So the first of the three sets, Tore was replaced with Ture Janson, a great guitarist who did a great job on the few songs I managed to reach that night. But when the second set was to begin, Tore had arrived. 

These two nights at Smuget, the band showed Oslo's inhabitants that there is still great rock music out there. I spoke to some people who had never heard that a band was playing there these nights. They were surprised of Rain's music and they would like to hear the CD when it hits the stores. So let's hope that the album grabs peoples attension and takes the band a step further. I know that the demos have been taken well care of around the world. 

My opinion on this band after seeing them live 3 times within a week (which was also the bands first 3 concerts), is that this is absolute a band to keep an close eye on. Well, a very few "mistakes" happened of course (no concert is perfect if it's no mistakes). The band did 3 very enjoyable concerts, a better gift right before christmas is unimaginable. To Michael, Tore, Lars, Audun and Peppa: YOU GUYS ROCKS!!! 

Reviews   By Per Erik Jansen