Live at Vallset, Norway 31.07.04

TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro's project with well-known norwegian jazz-guitarist Terje Rypdal once again entered the stage.This happens not quite often, last time it was sometime in the autumn last year. So it was with pleasure I went to see this magic event.

From the first note of "Daredevil" I felt my hair on the arms raised. These two great guitarists have proved how their pompous and emotional compositions sound on the recordings reflects the mood back from the stage. With an cultural audience aged up to 50+ as well as the rock fans of Tekro, everybody was in total harmony of the music.

From the whispering tones of "We Love The Woods" to the angry guitars in "Warning: Electric Guitars", the whole spectre ran out through the speakers. Not a single tone was fail. I can't think of anyone who have done such a perfect performance on stage.

Near the end of the show the nights guest was introduced, no other than Ronni's TNT bandmate Tony Harnell entered the stage. TNT's "Hey Love" was the first out in a emotional mood. It sounded more "right" than the original version in my opinion. Tony did also turn "Just A Smile" into a even more perfect song before a nice and enormous version of The Beatles' "Oh Darling".

The encore was the most rocking tune of the event, "Seven Seas" done over the guitar-riffs of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". That actually fits the song even though it sounded a bit wierd from the start, but that only proves how great the composers works was back then twenty years ago.

This night wasn't hard rock the way Tekro usually does, it was totally different. But it was something special, and I will say it was the best thing I have seen on stage ever. Don't get me wrong, but this was something a great hard rock concert can't be compared to!

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The band:

Ronni Le TekrÝ - guitar & vocals
Terje Rypdal - guitar
Morty Black - bass
Dag Stokke - keyboards
Audun Kleive - drums
+ Tony Harnell - guest vocals

Review and photos 
by Per Erik Jansen.