After seeing Stage Dolls live several times over the last couple of years following the "Good Times - The Essential Stage Dolls" compilation to this date on the "Get A Life" tour, I must say that this was best gig. I rarely enjoy a concert as much as this one. This night's trip to Stavanger gave me a very nice evening. The band sounded as tight as ever and delivered an enormous show. Songs like "Still In Love", "Love Cries", "Love Don't Bother Me", "Soldier's Gun" etc. made me remember the good old days when Stage Dolls really gave it. The new songs from the "Get A Life" sounded more rockier than on the album, which is great for me as I still have the "Stage Dolls" and "Commandos" albums as my favorites. I hope it won't be too long time till I see this band again around my area. As the fan I am I grabbed my newly bought digital camera for the evening.

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Photos & Reviews by Terje Hoiland
Translated by Per Erik Jansen