Live at Vallset, Norway 31.07.04

Stage Dolls got a new record out called “Get a life” and the reviews have been very favourable, in other words rave reviews both here in Norway and abroad. Make no mistake about it the great reviews are well deserved as well, so the guys set out om yet another tour around Norway. I would strongly oppose to anyone saying there’s another Hardrock-band in Norway that have done more Liveshows since 85 than these guys and that says a lot, don’t you agree?
I mean staying on the top of the Norwegian Rockthrone for nearly 20 years, still in high demand to (as I mentioned earlier) rave reviews; yes that applies for their liveshows as well. So there’s really no surprise that these guys can deliver a smokin’ liveshow (as I have experienced a few times already) given their experience of being on the road. 

Right from the Bon Jovi-esque intro those of that have seen them before new we were in for a night of Hardrockfrenzy. The show started with the opener from the latest album “24-7” and continued with the nights highlight “Love cries”. The sound was set and everythying was just about perfect. Then during the 3’rd song “Left foot boogie” and 4’th tune “Someone like you” something happend soundwise as it got worse as well as louder, on the verge of too loud. (take note soundengineers). Although it got a bit better during the show but never as good as it was at the start (during the second song the sound was at the best) , now that shurely must be a mistake??? 

Well, back to the show and as expected we got the usual hitparade and some newbies thrown in for good measure, and that’s what the most of us came to see so I think everyone had an enjoyable evening. There really can’t be no denying Torstein Flakne’s qualities as a songwriter, no wonder his list of merits is becoming a matter of envy by other songwriters. He makes it (even if the other’s contributions help make the Stage Dolls-) sound so easy by using simple, yet brilliant tools and spicing it all up by adding is own twist to it all. As Stripped as his music is (no pun intended), there’s no sign of Ac/Dc-ism, that’s nothing short of marvellous!

Speaking of influences, there’s traces of some of them as Torstein mentioned in an earlier interview with Rock Of Norway leaving their mark on the Stage Dolls-sound: Bad Company, Sweet and in some of the older material even Thin Lizzy. Anotherone became very evident this night as a friend of me pointed out to me, and I really can’t understand why I haven’t thought of him before; Ian Hunter (not mentioned in the interview though) especially as I know that Torstein have toured with him in Norway. 

This was my 5’th gig witnessing the band and I must admit I have seen them a tad bit sharper at least twice/a couple of times. My complaints are the sound (nothing to to do with the band, but to the overall “picture”) and Torstein’s vocals on some of the songs towards the last half of the concert. Otherwise it was a good night in the last weekend of this years summerleave to only a 1/3 sold out venue.

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Setlist, highlites marked with * :
24 -7
Love Cries *
Left Foot Boogie
Someone Like You
You’re The One
Lawyers, Guns and Money * (Warren Zevon Cover)
Get A Life
Ten Tons Of Rock ’n’ Roll
Ammunition (Acoustic)
Sorry Is All I Can Say (Acoustic)
Bass and drumsolo
Hard To Say Goodbye
Love Don’t Bother Me
Wings Of Steel *
Still In Love
Johnny B.Goode (Chuck Berry Cover)
Soldier’s Gun

Photos by Per Erik Jansen,
Reviews by Roar Kleven