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Live At Riverside Pub, Aalgaard, Norway 1.10.04

Ten Tons live in concert.

I wouldn't usually review a tribute band concert, but I'll make an exception in this case, for the simple reason that I've rarely seen some many people turn up for an event of this kind. The venue was chock full, with 300-400 people in attendance to hear their favourite songs by bands like Stage Dolls, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, TNT AC/DC, Kiss, Twisted Sister and others, all appearing together in sweet harmony, performed by tribute band Ten Tons. In this day and age, where local venues are struggling to make ends meet even when they draft in more well-known bands, an 80's melodic hard rock tribute band defy the trends and draw the people in instead. ...Funny, as some of the more "important" rock critics here in Norway claim that the '80s tinged melodic hard rock is dead and buried?

Let the people get the music they want, and a splendid night like the one I had, is what you get!

Discussing every song played by Ten Tons on the evening in question, doesn't seem necessary. However, let it be known that Ten Tons know their melodic hard rock ABC! Highly competent musicians who are wise as to how to put on a professional show, and with a lead singer that isn't afraid to whip up a frenzy on stage ...AND in the audience! Thank you, Ten Tons, for one of the best evenings I've had for quite some time now! ...Hey, even my better half had a great time!

To catch Ten Tons playing in a venue near you, keep updated with the band's activities at www.tentons.no

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Photos & Pictures Terje Hoiland

Set List !

Set 1.

1.   Intro
2.   You Give Love... ( Bon Jovi )
3.   Wings Of steel ( Stage Dolls )
4.   Ten Tons ( Stage dolls )
5.   Back In Black ( Ac / Dc )
6.   Shot In The Dark ( Ozzy Ousbourne )
7.   Den Du Veit ( Marius Muller )
8.   Vill, Vakker & Våt ( CC Cowboys )
9.   Liden ( Ingenting )
10. Rock The Night ( Europe )
11. Sweet Child Of Mine ( Guns`N`Roses )
12. Walk This Way ( Aerosmith )
13. Eye Of The Tiger ( Survivor )

Set 2.

1.   You Shook Me All Night Long ( Ac / Dc )
2.   Born To Be Wild ( Steppenwolf )
3.   Crazy Nights ( Kiss )
4.   Summer of 69 ( Bryan Adams )
5.   I Love Rock`N`Roll ( Joan Jett )
6.   Whiskey In The Jar ( Thin Lizzy )
7.   We`re Not Gonna Take It ( Twisted Sister )
8.   Soldiers Gun ( Stage Dolls )
9.   Here I Go Again ( Whitesnake )
10. Rock You Like A Hurricane ( Scorpions )
11. Highway To Hell ( Ac / Dc )
12. Still In Love ( Stage Dolls )
13. Splitter Pine ( Dum Dum Boys )
14. Rockin`In A Free World ( Neil Young )
15. Harley Davidson ( Tnt )
16. You Really Got Me ( Kinks / Van Halen )
17. Since You Been Gone ( Rainbow )
18. Seaven Seas ( Tnt )
19. Come On Feel The Noize ( Slade )
20. Start Me Up ( Rolling Stones )
21. Every Rose Has Its Thorn ( Poison )