Live Oslo Norway 08-11-03



Tindrum are :

Ida Haukland - Vocal
Diesel Dahl - Drums
Trond Oien - Guitar
Sid Ringsby - Bass
Roger Gilton - Keyboards

I've loved this band for nearly 15 years now, but this was my first chance to catch them live, so I had to go and see them. I arrived a little late (they started at 3.00 p.m.!), so I came inside in the beginning of the great "Midnite Dynatmite", it was a great start (even though I didn't reached the opener "Drums Of War"). There I was, finally able to see Tindrum live (even though the audience was rather few in numbers)! 
And they was going to play 2 sets this day.
Knowing that either Tove or Dag Ingebrigtsen was taking part of the band this time I do had good expectations. The singer was 20-year-old good-looking Ida Haukland. She sings good, but her voice crashed some times. 
My guess is she didn't warmed up good enough. 
But she's a good found in replacing Tove (give her a little time). 

The band itself played tight and well that you could hardly couldn't imagine these guy been quiet for 12 years (excluding a few "secret" gigs the last few years). Seeing good ol' Trond Řien on stage is a pleasure. This guy knows how to treat his guitar! And the tight comp by Sid Ringsby and Diesel Dahl made it steady as a mountain (or should I say they moved the mountain...?). I should also mention keyboard maestro Roger Gilton, shouldn't I? 
We got songs from both albums as well as a cover of Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Sea". Ida proved that female vocals fits classics like this one. I was kind of surprised when they played "Hello, The World Is Calling" as I didn't expected it. After the lovely ballad "Rain" we got "Fantasia" with the great riffs. Then "The Show Must Go On" was played the way it was intented to be played; with full band. 
This song sound complete this way, rather than the "album" version.

Back from the ballad, my favorite song off "How 'Bout This?!" was played, "Dolce Vita". I must admit I would've prefered male vocals here, but Ida did it good enough. "Horoscope" was next, a great song well performed before the above mentioned Sabbath cover. The end of the show was near, but not without "(I Was) Made For Rock 'N' Roll" and a repeat of "Drums Of War". Great job guys! 

A few hours later it was ready for new 30 minutes of Tindrum. Now the room was filled next to the limit. The set was pretty much the same with the exception of "Fantasia" (why?), "Dolce Vita" (why again?) and the Sabbath cover. They could've dropped one of the 2 "Drums Of War"'s and replaced it with one of the omitted. 
But it's great to have you back guys! Now we need a tour and a new album. Keep it up!

Review Per Erik Jansen.