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Fjellhallen, Gjovik, Norway - Saturday December 17, 2005

TNT is once again on the road in Norway and this night in the mountain hall was the next to last show on the Norway tour. This was personally the first concert after Victor Borge, the newbie on bass, that I attended. The arena was inside the mountain, but the audience were too few to fill the place and that affected the overall sound. It’s special venue so I guess it was a very hard job for the sound technician to get the optimal sound.

I won’t say the band did their best gig this night as I’ve seen them both better and worse previously. The best men on stage this night was bass-newbie Victor (which really impressed me!) and long-time keyboardist Dag Stokke. Tony did it okay, but I noticed that he probably got some monitor problems. The guitar-solo/instrumental by Tekro happened to be a weird moment. He was kind of playing in his own world and wasn’t hanging on along with the rhythm section from time to time.

During this gig we got three songs from the new album and the first one out was “A Fix” and it worked out fine. “Ready To Fly” was only okay to me, but I personally think it’s an average song. The final new song was “Black Butterfly”, my favorite off the ‘All The Way To The Sun’ album, but it could have been better live than it was this night (it might be sound’s fault). To end the night the band played a medley of “Break The Ice” and “Everyone’s A Star”, and it was nice to hear they brought back the great song off the ‘Knights…’ album. All in all the concert was good and the band did their job.


Invisible Noise
Listen To Your Heart
Downhill Racer
A Fix
She Needs Me
Give Me A Sign
Caught Between The Tiger
Instrumental / Guitar Solo
As Far As The Eye Can See
Ready To Fly
Black Butterfly
Seven Seas
Forever Shine On
My Religion
10.000 Lovers (In One)
Break The Ice / Everyoe’s A Star [medley]

Review and photos by Per Erik Jansen

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