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My Religion Tour
Hydranten, Hamar - Friday March 12, 2004

New album, new tour. TNT plays in Hamar (my hometown) for the first time in 17 years! The place is now the town's dismantled fire station, which is now a student union. The arena fills 4-500 people and this night was sold out.

The band open the show with the great "Invisible Noise" from the new album. Great performance from the very beginning! Followed by the classic "As Far As The Eye Can See", a great start.
During the set we got a handful of new songs like "Lonely Nights", "My Religion", "She Needs Me" and the already mentioned song. All these new songs worked very well live and the performance was exceptional. The band is in their best shape, in my opinion even better than at the end of last year's tour.

Among the old stuff we got "10.000 Lovers (In One)", "Forever Shine On", "Seven Seas", "Listen To Your Heart" and "Caught Between The Tigers" among others. "Give Me A Sign" was the only song off the EP. So, no "happy-minutes" with "Satellite" this time. I can't find anything to put my finger on during the gig, other than "Everyone's A Star" was left out this night. A great performance and good sound this night and a friendly audience (i.e. no bear-mugs through the air or fights).

Thanks for a great night at "my home" guys :-)

Live-review and pics by Per Erik Jansen