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Tjuvholmen Kro, Hamar - Friday Jun 16, 2006

After 22 years fronting this now classic band, Tony Harnell has left TNT. The rest of the band decided to continue with a new singer. After a meeting in Berlin British singer Tony Mills agreed to take over the microphone. And the first live performance took place in Hamar, my own hometown.

The band had only got two rehersals with this line-up before this concert, but that doesnít affected the band who have been constant active for some years now. What was exciting was how the new Tony would do the job. Mills have during his career with Shy been compared to Harnell, so I believed that this was going to work fine. And I have to say that it came up to my expectations.

Mills have obviously taken his duty seriously. His voice differs from Harnell, but it fits great into the music of TNT. Mills puts his own touch to the TNT songs and thatís a great thing to do as he then donít try to be a copycat of Harnell. At the falsetto parts though it was just like hearing Harnell, but hey, thatís the trademark of the vocals of TNT. There were a few places inbetween were Mills sounded a little ďweirdĒ, but letís give him some concerts to get used to the band and the music and I think things will fits like a glove.

The future of TNT looks very promising to me. I will definitely still follow one of my favorite band also in the future. Welcome on board, Tony Mills!


Invisible Noise
As Far As The Eye Can See
Downhill Racer
A Fix
Give Me A Sign
Guitar Solo
Caught Between The Tigers
Listen To Your Heart
Black Butterfly
Seven Seas
Harley Davidson

My Religion
10.000 Lovers (In One)

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Photos : Per Erik Jansen
Review : Per Erik Jansen