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TNT My Religion Tour

Flytten, Haugesund - Wednesday March 17, 2004

Having seen TNT 3 times in 2003 I must admit this concert at Flytten in Haugesund this year was far better.

The songs from the new album "My religion" works perfectly in a livesetting as well as on record and the band sound tighter, and in better harmony than any of the other times than I've seen them. It's a real pleasure see them as the joy of the band really shines through in their liveperformance, it's a Goddamn kick to say the least!!!

Tony Harnell is a vocal revelation these days, unlike most of the other stars that have been in the game for a while that "should have thrown in the towel" long ago, Tony rise above them all standing tall as the exact opposite of the aforementioned. I've been following TNT through the 80's and 90's and one thing that i really have taken notice of is that Tony's vocals have improved over the years.

In my books Ronnie Le Tekr÷ is and will always be a Guitar-God, and it's amazing which sounds he can make with a guitar in his hands. The same goes for the rest of the band, and I'm actually running out of superlatives here.......

All I can add to this is get of your couch and buy the album (that's if you don't own it already) and last but not least go see TNT live if the happen to be somewhere near your neck of the woods, as I'm shure you won't regret it!

Melodic rock the way it should be done!!!

Tracklist :

Give me a sign
invisible noise
As far as the eye
Lonely nights
Downhill racer
She needs me
Acoustic Tony / Ronni
Ronni Solo
Cought between the time
10000 lovers
Shine on
My religion
Seven seas

Reviews by Terje H°iland
Translated by Roar Kleven