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Video Release Party - Smuget, Oslo - Monday October 25, 2004

According to Wig Wam's new single for "Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller", a video has been shot and a special event was held for a premiere view. The video is completely done from the "How To Make An 80's Hard Rock Music Video" book. The sexy girls (including norwegian super model Helene Rask), the limousine, the fireworks, everything! This video shows us once again that the 80's hard rock scene is still alive. Watch out for Wig Wam's new video "Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller" on a TV-screen near you!

Following the video the band did a short gig of 6 songs. As usually, Wig Wam did a great job on stage this time, so I won't go further into that than listing the songs they played:

Best Song In The World
Bless The Night
I Turn To You [Melanie C]
Mine All Mine
Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller

Right after this show performance, a 'The Making Of "Hard To Be A Rock 'N' Roller" Video' (with a lot of cool clips) was shown before another view of the video itself.

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Reviews & photos by Per Erik Jansen