Rockefeller Oslo, Norway 27. mai 2006

It was a warm spring day I arrived Oslo to attend mye first Jorn-concert in nearly 5 years (time flies). But it has to be said that Jorn Lande haven’t played that much around with his solo band as he have been busy with the band Masterplan (that he recently left). So it was a joyous day for me and I really looked foreward to this concert.

It was a sparsely populated Rockefeller that I met when I got in, and I think the nice weather should be responsible for this. But it was at least some people there to see Witchhammer, which were the first band on stage. I’m not too familiar with this 80’s heavy metal band, and I understand why after have seen them live. They are great heavy-musicians, but I find the songs too monotonous and boring in the long run for my taste. The band’s “1487” album is considered as a classic, but that didn’t reflect live-wise this night.

Next band on stage was the highly mentioned prog-rock act Circus Maximus. Their debut album (their only so far) is excellent and I was very anxious to see them live. And I can safely tell that they honoured my expections. Like many prog bands Circus Maximus is not the most active people on stage show-wise, but first priority is to concentrate on performing the music great, something these guys proved.

They opened their set with “Why Am I Here” before they went into the albums best track “The Prophecy”. In addition to a few other great songs from the album we were served the song “Imperial Destruction” (bonus track on the US edition of the album) as well as a brand new song (I didn’t catch the name of this song). Circus Maximus can easily be described as Norway’s answer to Dream Theater, and I won’t deny that. This band can reach high status among the progressive rock fans.

The last act on stage this night was Norway’s David Coverdale. By now more people had taken place in the audience, and there was about 300-400 people who showed up in total. Not so many thinking of the venue’s 1350 capacity. For those who showed up attended a quality concert both musically, vocally and talking levels. Jorn is a talkative person, something drummer “Wild” Willy Bendiksen experienced this day, which was also his birthday.

They started out with “We Brought The Angels Down” from his latest album ‘The Duke’, and the band sounded great from the very beginning. The fact of having two incredible competent guitarst in Tore Moren (Carnivora) and Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan’s Mind) in this band gives me stiff coat. Tore and Jorn Viggo is two different guitarists, but they highly complement each other. Mr. Lande can’t have better guitarists in his band. The band’s last member this night was the shy bass-player from Tömmermenn, Fredrik Nyegaard.

We got to hear songs from all of Jorn’s albums and one song from The Snakes-era; “Gonna Find The Sun” and the Thin Lizzy song “Are You Ready” as well as two guitar solos and the usual drum solo by “Wild” Willy. The highlights was “We Brought The Angels Down”, “Young Forever” and “Abyss Of Evil”. The latter was a little surprising to me, but a positive surprise. “Duke Of Love” also needs to be be mentioned among the highlights. There were no dead points or dull parts from Jorn this night, but I missed songs like “Sunset Station”, “Starfire” and “Living With Wolves”.

It was great to see a full Jorn concert again, and 5 years till next time? No way!


We Brought The Angels Down
Young Forever
Duke Of Love
Gonna Find The Sun [The Snakes]
Bridges Will Burn
Abyss Of Evil
Tore Moren Solo
Are You Ready [Thin Lizzy]
Midnight Madness
Out To Every Nation
Jorn Viggo Solo
Tungur Knivur (incl. Drum Solo)

Why Am I Here
The Prophecy
Glory Of The Brave
(new song)
Imperial Destruction

Hallow’s Eve
Kill All In Sight
The Burning Court
By This Axe
My Execution
Whore Of Babylon
Enola Gay
Touch Of An Angel
Curiosity About Death

Review : Per Erik Jansen
Photos : Per Erik Jansen

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